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The Davis Center: Dorinne S. Davis, M.A, CCC-A, FAAA. President and Founder of The Davis Center for Hearing, Speech, & Learning, Inc.

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How Sound Based Therapies Can Help Autistic Individuals


1) What is a Sound Based Therapy?

2) Why are there so many different Sound Based Therapies?

3) How did the concept originate?

4) What are the names of the various Sound Based Therapies and what does each of them do?

5) When were these therapies first considered with the autistic population?

6) How do these therapies help children with autism?

7) What is the Tree of Sound Enhancement Therapies?

8) What is auditory processing?

9) Why do children with autism appear to have auditory processing issues?

10) Why is the development of the ear and listening of importance for the developing autistic child?

11) What behaviors seen in autism can be helped by Sound Based Therapies?

12) What developmental issues seen with autism can be helped with Sound Based Therapies?

13) How do you know if a Sound Based Therapy will help an autistic child?

14) Why do some parents report that their child gets worse before they get better when Sound Based Therapies are introduced?

15)  How do you establish a Sound Based Therapy Protocol specific to the individual?



Dorinne S. Davis, M.A, CCC-A, FAAA is the President and Founder of Davis Centers Inc. She is an Educational and Rehabilitative Audiologist with over three decades of experience. Ms. Davis earned her Bachelor's degree in Speech & Hearing and Speech & Drama; then a Master's of Audiology / Deaf Education, both at Montclair State College, NJ. She is certified in Speech Correction, Pre-school Education, Speech & Drama, Teacher of the Hard of Hearing, and Supervision by the NJ Department of Education. She is licensed as an Audiologist in NJ, NY, and PA.


Dorinne is an active member of various professional organizations including: America Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA); NJ Speech-Language-Hearing Association; American Academy of Audiology; National Education Association (lifetime member); NJ Education Association (lifetime member); Morris County Education Association (lifetime member); Kinnelon Education Association; Educational Audiology Association (past president 1988); and Association of International Berard Practitioners.


Dorinne is an international lecturer in the field of hearing education and science. Her conference presentations are in high demand by many professional and civic organizations, as well as parent advocacy groups. Dorinne provides Audiological consultation to a diverse community of medical professionals. Additionally, her center offers a portfolio of integrative Sound Based Therapies selected from years of diligent research and careful testing.


In the field of Sound Based Therapies, Dorinne is a certified practitioner of Berard Auditory Integration Training (AIT), Tomatis®, The Listening Program™, the Fast ForWord™ Series, and is a BioAcoustics Research Associate. She is trained in Read-Spell-Comprehend, Samonas™, Interactive Metronome®, Earobics™, Lip-reading, Aural Rehabilitation, and the Tinnitus Relief System.


In 1992, she received her Auditory Integration Training directly from Dr. Guy Berard and is one of only 50 members to be certified by the International Association of Berard Practitioners (IABP). Additionally, she is certified by Dr. Berard to teach Auditory Integration Training.


Dorinne has a variety of published works, is the author of two books, the highly acclaimed Otitis Media: Coping with the Effects in the Classroom, and A Parent's Guide to Middle Ear Infections. Additional publications include a chapter on Television Amplification Devices in Communication Access for Persons with Hearing Loss, edited by Mark Ross, and numerous professional articles.  Her latest book, Sound Bodies through Sound Therapy, is schedule to be published in 2003.


In 1998, Dorinne opened The Davis Center for Hearing, Speech, Learning and Well-Being which became Davis Centers Inc. in 2001.  Dorinne Davis was the first individual to evaluate all the major sound based therapies from an Audiological perspective.  The Davis Centers’ unique diagnostic expertise helps identify core issues in the areas of hearing, speech, learning, language, and overall well-being for people of all ages. The center offers remedial and / or enhancement therapies that address challenges related to Autism, ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia, Hyperlexia, learning disabilities, central auditory processing, as well as minor learning / attention / focus related skills, and health and wellness issues. Today the Davis Center has a staff of 21, which includes professionals in the areas of audiology, speech pathology, and educational development as well as listening trainers and BioAcoustics Research Associates.



Sound impacts on our whole being, our emotions, and how we learn. Sound must be heard correctly and then perceived correctly in order to listen, comprehend, and follow through with information. Sound also affects how we feel. This chat will: 1) explore the foundation of Sound Based Therapy 2) cover four specific therapies: Auditory Integration Training, The Tomatis Method, Fast ForWord™ and BioAcoustics™. Chat attendees will learn  a) what each therapy is, b) how the various therapies work on creating positive change for those with autism and 3) demonstrate how sound based therapies can help with specific traits of autism, especially receptive/expressive language, oral motor issues, vestibular issues, proprioceptive issues, social/emotional issues, sensory integration issues, temporal sequencing, and motor planning activities. The chat participants will understand the importance of sound and auditory perception and why early intervention is beneficial.



Pass this message along to someone who might benefit.  We hope access to these and other topics through various distance learning modalities help families and professionals assist people living with autism more effectively.  

Ron Oberleitner - General Manager
Princeton Autism Technology

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