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Nancy Cale, VP Unlocking Autism "TITLE: Advocacy, UA Mission
Tuesday, November 26th at 7 p.m. (Eastern), Note portions of the text have been edited for spelling and grammatical errors, while other text with errors was left in tact in the context of the chat.

Rebecca {public msg} Hello and Welcome to our talkAutism Specialty Chat. If you have a question for our Host Guest Speaker, Nancy Cale (Nancale), VP Unlocking Autism. Just type a "?" in the room. The names will be taken in order received. When you are cued, Please hold your questions until ready to post. Thanks!
Nancale {public msg} I see we have several Unlocking autism State Representatives in the room
Ron {public msg} all right, UA reps!
Nancale {public msg} ready
Rebecca {public msg} Please feel free to begin with a brief promo and intro
Nancale {public msg} UA began almost 4 years ago with the simple goal of collecting picture of children with autism
Tue Nov 26 21:04:45 2002 Nancale {public msg} to show the nation the face of autism. We have displayed the picture boards for 3 years in Washington, DC and at many conferences and seminars
Ron {public msg} ?
Nancale {public msg} people are amazed when they see the beautiful faces.....they are shocked because "our children" look just like theirs and I think people are realizing that if it can happen to our children it can happen to theirs. We have just started a new drive for pictures
Nancale {public msg} our boards have traveled many miles and are aged and worn
Nancale {public msg} so we are ready to have new ones produced and we want all of you to send in new pictures
Nancale {public msg} Hi Lynn
Nancale {public msg} another Rep!
Dylansmom27 {public msg} hi Room , Hi Nancy
Nancale {public msg} The new boards will be flexible and we will be able to roll them up and ship them across the country
Ron {public msg} ?
Nancale {public msg} You can get a release form on our website
Nancale {public msg}
Excellentbeautiful2002 {public msg} ?
Nancale {public msg} We would ask that you print the form and distribute it to your local groups and schools
Nancale {public msg} If you have ever seen the boards you know what an impression they make on the viewer
Mommyo {public msg} What other things does your group do?
Ron {public msg} Is the picture collection project the most important project for UA at this time?  Are there others you're looking for advocacy as well?
Nancale {public msg} We held a Power of One conference in Dc 2 years ago to train parents in advocating for their children
Nancale {public msg} We have put together the Rally in DC for two years
Dylansmom27 {public msg} ?
Nancale {public msg} we have a net work of Representatives all over the USA and in other countries
Ron {public msg} great stuff , thanks
Ron {public msg} how does the rep network work?
Nancale {public msg} who are ready to help parents
Nancale {public msg} there is a map on our website. Just click your state and you will get the e mail addresses and phone # of Reps in your state
Mommyo {public msg} what kind of help do your reps give
Nancale {public msg} they can tell a parent what might be available in the area of schools, doctors, therapist, assistance
Nancale {public msg} it is a very one on one personal type of network
Mommyo {public msg} are your reps other parents
Nancale {public msg} most are parents, some are therapist, grandparents like myself
Nancale {public msg} the reps also help us with projects throughout the year
Nancale {public msg} as well as fundraising
Mommyo {public msg} Do they have to be specially trained
Nancale {public msg} we have an exciting new project that will debut next week
Nancale {public msg} we aide the reps with the latest information available and they secure the local info
Mommyo {public msg} that sounds like a wonderful service
Nancale {public msg} we do have training seminars when the funds allow
Nancale {public msg} Mommyo  visit the website and let me know what you think
Moderator {public msg}  excellent beautiful has a question
Mommyo {public msg} what kind of fundraising do you do
Excellentbeautiful2002 {public msg} How can we get those pictures to come to our area?
Nancale {public msg} we have a wide variety
Nancale {public msg} reps can also chose a fundraisers that they want to do
Nancale {public msg} If you would like to be added to the UA mailing list just send me you e mail address
Excellentbeautiful2002 {public msg} And how much does it cost to participate?
Nancale {public msg} there is no cost
Moderator {public msg}  dylansmom has a question
Nancale {public msg} we do ask for a $5 donation with the picture to help us pay for the new boards
Dylansmom27 {public msg} Is there not going to be a DC rally in 2003 or are we only doing state by state rallies?
Nancale {public msg} we are not planning a DC Rally this year, but instead are asking our Reps to have local Rallies that are more accessible to parents
Nancale {public msg} Doing a DC Rally it terribly expensive
Dylansmom27 {public msg} yes I remember
Nancale {public msg} and as you all know it is hard for a parent of a special needs child to travel
Ron {public msg} I've been there for two of them.  UA does a great job organizing this, it's very labor intensive as well
Dylansmom27 {public msg} but it was also a wonderful bonding experience for us parents, and families
Dylansmom27 {public msg} I met some great people
Dylansmom27 {public msg} including you!!!
Nancale {public msg} Thanks Ron.. They take a big part of the year to get together and lots of $$
Nancale {public msg} Thanks Lynn.. I sure enjoyed our time together!
Dylansmom27 {public msg} me too
Nancale {public msg} It is a real joy for us to met our reps face to face
Moderator {action} . o O ( what role do your wonderful reps play? )
Ellennjuarep {public msg} I went to the rally 2 yrs ago BEFORE I was a UA Rep
Ellennjuarep {public msg} I couldn't go this yr because of family health problems
Ellennjuarep {public msg} The reps here in NJ are currently in the beginning stages of planning a Rally at our State Capitol
Nancale {public msg} We are hearing that there are many states already planning Rallies and Conferences for 2003
Moderator {public msg} that's wonderful
Nancale {public msg} We had a great Conference here in Atlanta area last March and one this Oct and there is another planned for march 2003
Mommyo {public msg} ?
Nancale {public msg} and even if you are not near your state capital you can do a Rally in your area
Nancale {public msg} Atlanta is always nice!! lol
Moderator {public msg}  Mommyo has a question
Mommyo {public msg} Do you have reps in every state? and how do the families in need find out about your service?
Nancale {public msg} a Rally doesn't have to big huge it just has to serve the needs of those in your area
Nancale {public msg} we have a few states not covered...
Nancale {public msg} the parents can go to our website and click on Parent@Parent. this will throw up the map.. If you are not happy with the help you get, try another rep  or e mail me
Mommyo {public msg} But if they never heard of your org. how can they find out there is a service
Mommyo {public msg} Do you advertise
Nancale {public msg} we want parents to know that they have power and that one at a time we can make a difference for our children
Mommyo {public msg} and do you go to allot of conferences
Nancale {public msg} we go to a lot of conferences
Nancale {public msg} we have a great website
Nancale {public msg} we also have products that we sell
Mommyo {public msg} I am just asking, because there are so many people in need, and not enough help out there
Mommyo {public msg} So many people can't find resources
Nancale {public msg} great tees, caps, golf balls, jackets, pins
Dylansmom27 {public msg} ?
Nancale {public msg} we have a wonderful cookbook ready for printing. just waiting to raise the funds to print it
Nancale {public msg} hundreds of parents contributed their recipes
Ron {public msg} Mommyo, remember expertfind, talkautism's online resource directory that everybody can add to (sorry nancy)
Nancale {public msg} Mommyo what state are you in
Mommyo {public msg} NJ
Mommyo {public msg} I feel very lucky here
Ellennjuarep {public msg} Mommyo.....
Nancale {public msg} well, NJ sure has a large and active autism community
Ellennjuarep {public msg} Feel free to email me if you'd like to...I am a rep for UA in NJ
Mommyo {public msg} Thanks
Moderator {public msg}  dylansmom has a question
Ellennjuarep {public msg} my email address is
Nancale {public msg} We have a Michigan UA rep and also a Mass. Rep here tonight
Ron {public msg} welcome Mich., and Mass
Rebecca {public msg} Nice to have you all ;o)
Ron {public msg} ?
Moderator {public msg}  Ron ask away
Nancale {public msg} I live in GA but frequent Maine where my grandson with autism lives
Dylansmom27 {public msg} Nancy, I feel that I don't do enough to spread the word on the local level, how can I do that? We don't have a whole lot of conference in my area. Should I print flyers and put them in doctors offices?
Ron {public msg} how similar are the state rep's issues from one state to another?
Ron {public msg} or resources to tap into?
Nancale {public msg} I am afraid that they can be totally different.. especially the services
Ron {public msg} it seems that way, do the reps network with each other in some way?
Nancale {public msg} Lynn  Printing the flyer is a good idea
Nancale {public msg} Lynn remind me and I will send you some info to use
Nancale {public msg} we have a Rep listserv and a rep website
Nancale {public msg} reps that live close work together but it is also a job that you can do alone if that is the way you work best
Dylansmom27 {public msg} ?
Nancale {public msg} Lynn Printing and passing out literature is good
Nancale {public msg} you more info to use for that
Nancale {public msg} we also want parents to know that there is no 'ONE WAY'  That each child and each family is different
Nancale {public msg} UA appreciates each individual situation and each parents choices
Mommyo {public msg} I agree with UA on individual free choice without judgment
Nancale {public msg} we also encourage our reps to work with other autism groups and organizations
Geoff {public msg} Just wanted to wish my favorite Grandma a Happy Thanksgiving
Nancale {public msg} Thanks Buddy
Nancale {public msg} no one lives with your child but you.. we are here to encourage and enlighten and support
Ron {public msg} is there something with the current federal legislation (and vaccines) that UA is taking a part in?  And how does UA take part?
Nancale {public msg} if we cannot help you we will direct you to a group that can..or at least try
Nancale {public msg} we take part by encouraging parents to speak up
Ron {public msg} do other groups ask UA to advocate for their causes?
Nancale {public msg} which means call , write and fax your governmental representatives
Geoff {public msg} especially Trent Lott after January first
Nancale {public msg} let them know that you are a voter and that you have concerns for the decisions that they are making as your representatives
Nancale {public msg} other groups do ask us to help and when we can we do
Geoff {public msg} Lott has stated that the amendments would be removed next year
Geoff {public msg} we need to hold him to his word
Geoff {public msg} or burn him
Nancale {public msg} they are my family, not by blood but by the love of children
Nancale {public msg} have you all seen the article today in Reuters
Ron {public msg} How are the reps chosen?
Geoff {public msg} good question
Nancale {public msg} I will mass mail it later tonight
Ron {public msg} what's it about?
Nancale {public msg} we have an application process and a commitment
Geoff {public msg} How did I become a rep
Geoff {public msg} smiley face doesn't work
Ellennjuarep {public msg} is that the article about sealing the vaccine records Nancy?
Nancale {public msg} Reuters is about Bush wanting to lock away info   on the vaccine injury suit
MI-ua-rep {public msg} I saw the story and it makes me sick
Ellennjuarep {public msg} yep, that's it...I saw it
Ron {public msg} oh yeah!
MI-ua-rep {public msg} Attorneys for the Bush administration asked a federal court on Monday to order that documents on hundreds of cases of autism allegedly caused by childhood vaccines be kept from the public.
Nancale {public msg} Geoff you scared me into it!!! lol
Ron {public msg} Geoff scaring anybody, impossible
Geoff {public msg} it must have been the check
Nancale {public msg} well I hope we get a new picture of each of your children in the spectrum ASAP
Geoff {public msg} I have been in contact with Mary Matlin at the White House and will reach out to her in the AM about this
Ron {public msg} yes,  we'll all spread the word
Nancale {public msg} thanks
Geoff {public msg} What else do I have to do.
Moderator {public msg}  Thank you Nancale for a very interesting chat tonight.  We appreciate you spending the time with us to spread the word..SEND those pictures in!
Ron {public msg} Nancy -- thanks for all the hard work, showing what grand moms can do, and connecting all the UA reps.
Rebecca {public msg} Thank you Nancy!
Nancale {public msg} great Geoff.. also we are asking every one to fax the Whitehouse and ask the president to hold a conference on Autism
Ron {public msg} Thanks Moderator and Rebecca.  for lot more info.  Let's keep working together
Geoff {public msg} Keep up the great work Nancy...Love YA
Nancale {public msg} let's all work together and get this job done@@
autism {public msg} Adrian from NJ wants to wish all you wonderful people a great Holiday. You all will be on my list of blessings I have to be thankful for.
Rebecca {public msg} Please watch the talkAutism Guest Speaker schedule for further listings. Also, this room is always open for gatherings.
Nancale {public msg} Thanks to you all
autism {public msg} Thanks you Nancy for all that you do for all of us!!!
Nancale {public msg} I thank you all !!

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