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Author: Vicki Iovine  "TITLE: The Girlfriends' Philosophy

Thursday, November 7th at 7 p.m. (Eastern), Note portions of the text have been edited for spelling and grammatical errors, while other text with errors was left in tact in the context of the chat.

Rebecca { public msg } Hello and Welcome to ParenthoodPlace.comís Specialty Chat Auditorium. If you have a question for our Host, Vicki Iovine Author of "The Girlfriends Guide to Pediatric Eczema". Just type a "?" in the room. The names will be taken in order received. Please hold your questions until you are cued. Please refrain from general chit chat not involving the Topic. Thanks!
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I am glad to have a chance to talk to you about my latest project, which is really my sixth publication.
Moderator {public msg} It's wonderful to have you Vicki, we're excited about it too.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} In a long line of girlfriend's guide starting with the girlfriend's guide to pregnancy. I have four children, two boys and two girls and every single one has had asthma, hay fever or eczema or lucky us all three. So this is a subject I am very interested in.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Are any of the people in the auditorium the parents of children with eczema?
Rebecca {public msg} ?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I want to tell you a lil' bit about eczema to get the ball rolling. First nearly 20% of all Americans will have or have had eczema. Of those 90% have their first episode at the age of 5. Eczema may look like a rash on the knees or elbows or on the inside of back of legs...hands and feet are common places. My lil' daughter had her first outbreak on the day of her christening and it was all over her face. I was so devastated I wanted to cancel the photographer.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I think the most agonizing aspects for children the terrible itching and the mild disfigurement that occurs during a flare up.
Goodfellow {public msg} I have it on my feet...had it since childhood.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Goodfellow, do u have hay fever or asthma?
Rebecca {action} . o O ( Vicki, njmom1231 wanted me to tell you, She loves your books. They have gotten her through some very tough mommy times. )
Goodfellow {public msg} no....why?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I hope that we can continue that tradition with the girlfriends guide to pediatric eczema.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Good fellow , usually its part of a triad of diseases. Do you take any medication, do u have it constantly or go away?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} When it flares up do you take medication?
Goodfellow {public msg} It usually goes....sometimes I use a steroid salve on it...
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Well one of the greatest innovations in relieving eczema in children particular. Is that the medication have no cortisone or steroids whatsoever. One of the newest products that supported my book on pediatric eczema has a product called Elidel.
Goodfellow {public msg} I used eruea (sp?) cream as a kid
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I am not familiar with that...have you tried anything pro-topic, an ointment.
Goodfellow {public msg} It is an ointment.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} That is why Elidel is better it is a vanishing cream.
Moderator {public msg} Rebecca has a question, go ahead Rebecca.
Rebecca {public msg} At what age does it , can it, come about? And, Is this typical, like teen acne? I had teen acne, preteen age and on.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} It can come shortly after birth or at anytime in your life but 90% of all people get their first case before the age of five.
Goodfellow {public msg} ?
Rebecca {public msg} Sort of like baby acne? Only it never clears up?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Rebecca does your child have baby acne?
Rebecca {public msg} My daughter did, it comes and goes
Vicki Iovine {public msg} That is very key feature. what we are learning now is to control how often it comes and goes. We have learned for example that children prone to eczema should take lukewarm or tepid baths. They should use mild soaps like Dove.
Rebecca {public msg} ahhhh, ok.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} They should not wear synthetic fibers close to the skin, including elastic.
Rebecca {public msg}I thought sitting in her own dirt my aid in its growth,
Vicki Iovine {public msg} And most important is MOISTURIZE.
Rebecca {public msg} Opening the pours. Wow was I wrong!
Vicki Iovine {public msg} There are so many myths about eczema, some say it's cause you wash your kids too much.
Goodfellow {public msg} (I had to wear white cotton socks cuz of it...
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Or you don't wash them enough.
Rebecca {public msg} Yep, that is so true!
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Clearly hygiene is important so u don't get secondary bacterial infections, otherwise eczema is an auto immune disorder, it's not caused by a germ or contamination and, it is not contagious.
Rebecca {public msg} So, itís hereditary?
Goodfellow {action} Thought it was genetic......
Guest63 { public msg } ?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Goodfellow, cotton is a friend to all eczema sufferers, two thin layers is better than one thick layer.
Goodfellow {action} . o O ( and more comfy too )
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Goodfellow, there are genetics components, in the same way that allergies tend to run in families.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Rebecca, not precisely. If a parent has it, a child has a bigger chance of getting it. A child can get it even if there is no family history of eczema. This has been most noticed by immigrants to the U.S. for example....people who have moved from a tropical climate and then moved to Minnesota get eczema, their skin wasn't prepared for this cold dry weather.
Rebecca {public msg} I see, Thanks Vicki.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I would like to talk about another problem with children who have eczema. That is their self esteem. Just as a child with a birthmark on its face, or a physical deformity. Feels pointed out and made fun of by other children.
Goodfellow {action} . o O ( I find that dry arid situations, like snowy area, or desert areas....tend to aggravate mine.... )
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Children with eczema are often made fun of or ignored. Even by the other children's parents.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} My children on a ski slope look like their cheeks are going to fall off. But I have found that Aqua4 and Vaseline help minimize the problem.
Moderator {public msg} Goodfellow had a specific question, go ahead Goodfellow, unless it was already answered
Goodfellow {public msg} well.....childhood illnesses and such...
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Like what?
Goodfellow {public msg}} I had chicken pox as a kid....and shingles a few years ago....
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Those can be considered second cousins to eczema. Because they too are auto immune diseases.
Rebecca {public msg} Any other Questions on the Topic? Please post a ? in the room.
Moderator {public msg} Ok, we'll take the next question from Guest63, please go ahead guest
Guest63 {public msg} What can I do to prevent it?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} You can't prevent it.
Guest63 {public msg} wow
Vicki Iovine {public msg} You can limit the number of times that it happens and get relief from it much sooner than ever before.
Guest63 {public msg} is the 2 much or 2 little bathing thing a myth?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} and that is through immediately visiting the doctor if you suspect that your child has an eczema patch. it's very easy for a doctor to diagnose, it doesn't require a blood test, no needles and you will learn such things that trigger outbreaks. in some it's stress. many times you can avoid these things but not completely, when avoidance can try prescription creams and ointments available through your doctor.
Guest65 {public msg} ?
Vicki Iovine {public msg}
Princess {public msg} ?
Guest63 {public msg} What about the bathing myth, though?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Too much or too lil' Bathing is a myth, hot water may aggravate it and harsh soap may also.
Guest63 {public msg} If my child gets lots of rashes - is she prone to eczema?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Where does she get rashes?
Guest63 {public msg} Her abdomen, sometimes her cheeks and forehead.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} That sounds like eczema to me, it sounds like she already has it
Guest63 {public msg} But itís not dry and our doctor has never raised the possibility.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Does it itch?
Guest63 {public msg} But no, doesn't seem to itch her (she's only 2.)
Vicki Iovine {public msg} The one thing I can tell you is diaper rash is almost never eczema. I would just keep mild moisturizing cream on it like Eucerin.
Guest63 {public msg} Ok, thanks.
Moderator {public msg} Guest65 had the next question, go ahead Guest65.
Guest65 {public msg} I'm taking my 3 yr in for allergy testing next week. She's been using Elocon for 2+ years. I'm tired of steroids and hope to find out cause to avoid outbreaks.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Sure.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I think you are doing the right thing and you should mention Elidel cream to your doctor as an alternative to steroids.
Guest65 {public msg} The allergist mentioned a couple of creams that prevent outbreaks that are not steroid. Is Elidel that type?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} The two I know of are called Protopic and Elidel both of which are fairly new.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Yes Elidel is that type.
Guest65 {public msg} Okay...thanks. I think it's pretty odd that she has an identical twin with no skin problems.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Huh, I wonder how identical people can really be.
Guest65 {public msg} You would think that eczema would be a shared trait?
Rebecca {action} . o O ( Perhaps one received more auto immunities than the other? )
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I would think so, do they any other shared allergies?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Rebecca, sounds like an explanation to me but I am not a doctor.
Rebecca {public msg} Just a thought ;)
Guest65 {public msg} Not to my knowledge...the other twin has hemangiomas.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I don't know if they are related or not.
Guest65 {public msg} Thanks...I just wanted to find out if going to allergist was right step.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Yes it is.
Moderator {public msg} Princess has the next question, go ahead Princess.
Princess {public msg} As a teacher how can I be more sensitive to students with eczema?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} The most important message to get across to parents and students alike. Is that eczema is absolutely not contagious. Then talk to the parent of the child with eczema and come up with a battle plan for the child to take responsibility for teaching classmates about eczema and how it limits his life and yet how similar he is to the rest of the kids he is.
Princess {public msg} I teach pre k and the other students so far don't make a big deal about the one child.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} That is wonderful.
Princess {public msg} What if the child doesn't want to talk about it?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Perhaps this is a good time to talk about it while it doesn't seem to bother anyone. If the child doesn't want to talk about it then respect his decision, but I find that with a doctor and parents who are supportive should empower the child and teach other children about it.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Another key to suspecting that your child may have eczema is if they scratch in their sleep. Children with eczema sleep uncomfortably.
Rebecca {public msg} ?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} that is why it's a good idea to keep fingernails cut short.
Moderator {public msg} Rebecca has the next question, go ahead Rebecca
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Go ahead.
Rebecca {public msg} Is it a bad idea to teach the classroom on this topic? educate them? Seeing that most of this class will be together on up through the grades? Or would it embarrass that child.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I think that differences among children are always good to talk about especially while they are young and open minded. Keep in mind that nearly one fifth of the population will have eczema. so I will be surprised if you have really only one child with eczema.
Rebecca {public msg} How would you approach a class room of that age children, tenderly, so as not to embarrass the one child though?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} sometimes it's very freeing for other parents who are hiding it.
Princess {public msg} Interesting.. we do always seem to have at least one child in the class.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I would say, raise your hand to the students, if you have ever been embarrassed about how you look or feel. start broad and then one child may say " I don't like my curly hair".
Rebecca {public msg} ah very good approach!
Vicki Iovine {public msg} another may say "I have a birthmark".
Vicki Iovine {public msg} let children talk about anything that makes them feel different or embarrassed.
Princess {public msg} yes, that is a great idea.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I recommend this approach through sixth, seventh and eighth grade.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} Thank you.
Princess {public msg} ?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} ok, go ahead.
Moderator {public msg} yes, go ahead Princess
Princess {public msg} Is there anything I should keep on hand in the class room?
Princess {public msg} She has her ointment, but anything else?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I would say to keep moisturizer like hand lotion near the sink.
Rebecca {public msg} How about her guide?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} So the children can apply it as needed.
Rebecca {public msg} I meant for the parents.
Vicki Iovine {public msg} You should offer the guide to the whole class, her anyone.
Princess {public msg} I'll definitely check out your guide, thanks.
Princess {public msg} Is it something I can show the kids?
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I think on that note if everyone will excuse's almost six o'clock here and I have four kids to feed.
Princess {public msg} Thank you for your time!
Vicki Iovine {public msg} I have enjoyed this very much and hope I was of some help.
Moderator {public msg} Thank you for your time Vicki.
Princess {public msg} Yes, thank you.
Rebecca {public msg} Thank you for your time Vicki! We would love to have you back sometime.
Rebecca {public msg} Thanks Moderator.
Vicki Iovine {leaves}

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