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Sarah Bilston
Author of the Novel
"Bed Rest"

ABOUT THE NOVEL: When Q, a smart ambitious New York lawyer, is confined to her bed during her final three months of pregnancy, she must do everything she can to keep from going crazy. In this humorous and touching debut, we see just how interesting things get as her workaholic husband, romantically challenged co-workers, snide British sister, and sweet Greek neighbor swirl around Q, her ever growing belly, and her bed.
Sarah Bilston.

" Quote by Sarah Bilston"
The truth is, being in a high-risk pregnancy has changed my views on labor and delivery completely.

Sarah Bilston was featured
Tuesday, May 2nd
Evening 8 p.m. (Eastern) 7 p.m. (Central), 5 p.m. (West Coast)
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Sarah Bilston author of the Novel


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