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About The Founder - Joni M. Jones RN

Along with being a Registered Nurse for 24 years, Joni is the parent of a child with autism and a child with asperger syndrome. Her experience comes not only by living with autism, but experience gained through many conferences, workshops, and vast involvement in the autistic community.
History of involvement includes:
  • NJ State representative for Unlocking Autism,
  • Member of the NJ State Autistic Task force,
  • Member V.O.S.I. (vaccination safety)
  •  Vice-President P.O.A.C. (Parents of Autistic Children)
  • Volunteer to assist The First Signs Program- educating physicians on early warning signs
  • Assistant coach to the Challenger Baseball League
  • Member of Tri-State CAN- Cure Autism Now and ambassador to C.O.S.A.C.
Joni has appeared on local radio shows, and has spoken at various support groups and conferences. She has spoken nationally on
autism, both in the State of Oregon and multiple national teleconferences. She has coordinated a nutritional pilot study on
nutrition for Doctors and Researchers in both Canada and the U.S.A. She has given free library seminars on "Success in Autism" and coordinated Autism Awareness Day for the Lakewood BlueClaws along with her husband.
This hosted 6,000 people and to date is probably the largest autism awareness event in the state of New Jersey. She is a community Advocate and Educator. The success of her son Adam was the Cover story of Toms River magazine, and is appearing in many other state and national publications, including Autism/Asperger Digest.

Information of autism involvement is intended for shared experiences only. It is not the intent to show support or non-support of endorsement from these organizations. Much time and energy was given to find success in autism management and Autism Resources was established to share that gained information. Autism Resources is available to speak at conferences and
group meetings.

Autism Resources
70 East Water Street Suite 4A
Toms River NJ 08753

Come join TalkAutism's Specialty Chat on Tuesday, June 4th at 7:00pm EST. This session will feature Joni Jones RN on the topic:
Nutritional Management in Autism: Taking a Systematic Approach".
Learn Ms. Jones' perspectives on such issues such as:

1) What are Enzymes and why are they so important?
2) What are probiotics and what role do they play in digestion?
3) What do you mean not all acidophilus are alike?
4) How do we organically treat chronic diarrhea or constipation in our kids?
5) Why do many autistic children have yeast?
6) Why do many autistic children have depressed immune systems?
7) How can I decrease the pain caused by reflux without using prescription meds?
8) Why is it recommended to avoid Gluten and Casein?
9) Can gluten and casein be given once the body is supported?
10) How does nutritional support play a role in metal toxicity?
11) What if my child is using a lab manufactured oral chelating agent?
12) What is the lymphatic system, and why is it important to move this fluid?
13) Has does  swimming in a pool effect the digestive system?
14) How does nutrition help with Sleep disturbances?
15) Why is nutritional management effective in treating ADHD?
16) What is secretin and how do we avoid animal infusions of it?
17) What is blue green algae and how does it compare to other vitamin products?
18) Adrenal gland functioning in autism and NDF Formula- A natural whole food product proven to effectively remove heavy metals from the brain.

Joni has diverse credentials, including being a registered nurse and the parent of a child with autism and a child with asperger syndrome.

To participate in this Specialty Chat, log onto  before 7:00pm EST Tuesday.  We recommend to do this at least a 1/2 hour before to effectively log on, and read Ms. Jones' background material).  

Also, Mark your calendars for talkAutism's second June Specialty Chat on June 18th -- 7:00pm EST.  This will feature Dorinne Davis
M.A, CCC-A, FAAA The Davis Center for Hearing, Speech, and Learning, Inc. , on issues including Auditory Processing Disorders, and therapies like Tomatis, AIT, Bioacoustics.

Pass this message along to someone who might benefit.  We hope access to these and other topics through various distance learning modalities help families and professionals assist people living with autism more effectively.  

Ron Oberleitner - General Manager
Princeton Autism Technology


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