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Joni M. Jones RN  "TITLE: Nutritional Management in Autism: Taking a Systematic Approach
Joni Jones site covers her unique approach to nutrition in autism.
Tuesday, June 4th at 7 p.m. (Eastern), Note portions of the text have been edited for spelling and grammatical errors, while other text with errors was left in tact in the context of the chat.
Joni JonesRN{enters}
Moderator {public msg}Welcome to Today's Specialty Guest Host,Joni M. Jones RN "Title: Nutritional Management in Autism: Taking a Systematic Approach, Please private message our Moderator, stating that you have a Question (/tell moderator question). Please keep open chatting to a minimal. Thank You
Moderator {public msg}First lets welcome Joni Jones and have her say a few words then we will start the questions.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} learning the basic physiology of the digestive system and relating it to the effects of autism provides the education need to select an optimal nutrition program
Joni JonesRN{public msg} providing quality products is important, evaluation of each. child's needs and monitoring individual responses is equally important.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} utilizing clinical data sheet s provide information needed to minimize symptoms of detoxification, evaluate responses and tailor an individual program.A well nourished body does not make mistakes. Thank you for having me here.
Moderator {public msg} Ron you have a question
Ron {public msg} What are enzymes and why are they important?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Enzymes are catalyst and needed for every chemical reaction to occur in the body, organs cannot function and we would die without enzymes. Enzymes start the entire digestive process and keep our intestinal tract functioning optimally.
Ron {public msg} I'm assuming we're talking about enzyme supplements??
Joni JonesRN{public msg} There are digestive enzymes, metabolic enzymes, enzymes our body produces.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} there are thousands of different enzymes in our bodies. Enzyme supplements are to help digest the foods we eat
Ron {public msg} How do you know which enzymes our kids need?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Society has diminished enzymes that used to be in abundance in our soils and whole foods. Its not enzymes alone. We need to support the body systematically so it can work optimally.
Plant based enzymes have been researched in depth by Dr. Howell to digest the foods that we eat.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} He picked the oryzae strain because there are no harmful aflatoxins associated with this plant and its the very same enzyme that the human body uses to digest food. Please know that the body supported will help with all individual issues autistic or not
mettuck {public msg} I have limited the amount fruit my son eat because of 'phenol issues', lately have have let him have more fruit, but he seems a bit off- would enzymes help.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} yes, but remember it is not enzymes alone. Enzymes help digest the food so it does not stick to the wall of the intestinal tract.
kan {public msg} Are fruits bad for our autistic kids??? Mine loves fruit and fruit juice.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} The intestinal tract is the foundation of good health.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} No fruits are not bad.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} in today's culture, we all need to supplement with enzymes.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} We cannot live in a bubble but we can support our body to live in society.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} The intestinal tract is where we absorb nutrients rid toxins, produce vitamin B12 to enhance the immune system. Our intestinal tract cannot do this job when undigested food stays on the wall. Toxins build up, the undigested food permeates through the wall and travels to every organ including the brain.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Some may be familiar with leaky gut syndrome. There is no way to take a cut and paste approach to nourish the body. You need to support the body in full for it to do its job. When enzymes are deficient in one organ it will rob from another. Remember enzymes are needed for every chemical reaction to occur. I counsel without charge providing education and utilizing resources that offer testing when needed. We as caregivers need to be educated and take everything in our own hands. We use clinical data sheets that monitor your child's individual responses. I send clinical data sheets to review and counsel on individual needs. I supply information including research.
Moderator {public msg} <b> Just a little tired has a question Joni
just-a-little-tired {public msg} Are you familiar with Houston Nutraceuticals Inc products?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} yes
Momm001 {public msg} Please explain the difference of minerals/enzymes like Omega-3's and other neurotransmitters effectors (is this a word?)
just-a-little-tired {public msg} do you recommend their products or are there better products available...?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} it is not enzymes alone that support our children and I don't want to get in the middle of the politics with Houston and the Dan Doctors.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} The AFA strain has the Omega 3 and Omega 6 in a natural balanced state it is an organic whole food created by mother nature. Not made by a lab. Glycine naturally occurs to calm the nervous system all the elements, vitamins, amino acids are in an easily absorbed form. It is a whole food. The body takes what it needs and eliminates what it doesn't. Lab tests are only a guide. there is no way that you can perform a test with 100% accuracy that shows what individual need or do not need. Lab tests are only a guide. There is no way that you can perform a test with 100% accuracy that shows what individual need or do not need.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} This is why we support the body fully and use the clinical data sheets. Just because we take supplements does not mean we are absorbing them. There are different types of fish oils and there are different types of flax seed.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Make sure your fish oil is mercury free and flax seed is organic.
Moderator {public msg} Heresmyspot has a question Joni
heresmyspot {public msg} What is ndf formula and where do I buy it?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} NDF formula is made from certified organic raw whole foods. It is not fractionated or synthesized. To get full information go to Contact me privately for a practitioner that will counsel you on this.
it is an oral chelator of heavy metals. It targets the whole body, including the soft tissue, circulatory system and central nervous system. Laboratory verified consistent decrease in metals with urinary output in the first urination. Real time EEG verified normalization of brain waves 13-20 minutes following the dose.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} it rids the body of heavy metals including mercury, arsenic, cadminum, cobalt, aluminum, lead, platinum, thaluim and nickel without loosing valuable minerals.
Moderator {public msg} ok thank you Ron you had another question
Ron {public msg} Specifically, what protocol would you recommend parents take with a two year old who is diagnosed autistic?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} When undigested food sits on the intestinal tract PH levels drop yeast over grows. Also antibiotic therapy is basically automatic yeast development. I start slow with enzymes and probiotics only.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} People should know acidophilus functions in the small intestines only.
Ron {public msg} and how do you know which ones and how much?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} There are 300 different kinds of bacteria in the intestinal tract about seven pounds worth.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Even a two year old has an individual tracking sheet. You start slow observe signs of detoxification. If ok you slowly increase the products weekly until the clinical data sheet numbers are expectable. There are 200 different kinds of acidophilus
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Store bought yogurt will not give a quality strain of acidophilus.
Ron {public msg} Can you explain how the tracking sheet or clinical data sheet works?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} if your child is GFCF additional nutritional support is needed. The tracking sheets have 3 parts
1: Signs of detoxification
2: Behavioral signs
3: Physical symptom checklist addressing all the organs in the body
Joni JonesRN{public msg} for example: behaviors include activity, self stimming, emotional control, focus, eye contact, etc. Symptoms include sleep difficulties, dark circles under eyes, bowel movements, eczema, appetite, energy, etc. The GFCF diet shows if your child is sensitive or lacks the enzymes needed to break these proteins down. It does not address the reason why a child is sensitive to it or does not break it down. My son Adam will be seen on the back cover of Autism Asperger Digest next month. My husband and I are featured May/June issue because of our son's astounding recovery.
Mommysboy {public msg} how would we determine if gfcf diet is right?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} He was a severe head banger with over 20 traits of autism.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Gluten and casin's are proteins. When not broken down, they form peptides that travel to the brain that cause negative behaviors-sort of morphine induced like behaviors. Taking a nutritional log will show changes in behaviors relating to specific foods that are eaten. If a child takes gluten and casin and becomes behavioral there is a good chance he/she is sensitive or simply cannot break it down.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Go to or look in the search for future horizons.
Moderator {public msg} kan has a question
Joni JonesRN{public msg} ok kan
kan {public msg} Off topic, but is there a problem r/t swimming pools & hot tubs w/ autistic kids?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Chlorine is absorbed through the skin and destroys the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. Shower nozzles should have filters.
disbegoogie {public msg} What about tap water?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Some notice seasonal changes when their kids swim a lot in the summer.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} I never advise tap water room temperature bottled water is more optimal.
kan {public msg} My son loves the hot tub, what about showering afterwards.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} if you use tap water get the water checked for content.
kristye {public msg} Our daughter seems to do better when she does swim a lot. How is this possible?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Because we cannot live in a bubble it is important that we support our bodies with good intestinal bacteria. water has calming effects also. destruction of intestinal bacteria will occur over more time.
ksreeves {public msg} So do you advise never to swim in chlorinated pool or do it in moderation and support with probiotics?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} You swim in pools, you take baths, you live your life, but you support your body.
Moderator {public msg} <b> Kimmie has a question
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Ok Kimmie
Kimmie {public msg} what effects are seen by new users of enzymes and how soon are they seen? What id your child cannot swallow capsules? How do you supplement?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Please know for all that email me I will send a complete chapter I wrote. its hard to get all the info out here.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} First of all, everyone must go slow to avoid signs of detoxification. Capsules can be opened and mixed in foods or drinks. I will send you a copy from my web if you email me privately.
Kimmie {public msg} yes, please do. What is your email?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Everybody's responses are individual. One size does not fit all.
Joni JonesRN{public msg}
Moderator {public msg} <b> Winterwind has a question
Joni JonesRN{public msg} ok Winterwind
Winterwind {public msg} My son has shown allergies to certain foods (milk/all dairy, peanuts) and tested positive for a blood test with these along with eggs. I also think he has a problem with yeast. How do we work with these variables with the enzymes?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} For those who choose this method, they still need to enhance absorption and eliminate byproducts and replace minerals. Most sensitivities are not true allergies. What happens is the undigested food sticks to the wall causing an inflamed intestinal tract.
Winterwind {public msg} He ended up with breathing problems from the dairy along with hive like reaction face/neck etc.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Once the intestines functions optimally and the gut is healed, it is no longer sensitive to the irritation. True allergies would induce an anaphylactic such as a true peanut allergy and must be avoided.
Winterwind {public msg} One more query, my son is extremely. selective with what he accepts in eating, how can we help this? Do you have any recommendations? A diet will be important with this program it sounds like.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} The body regenerates and over produces HCL when it is enzyme deficient. When supported the body does not need to compensate and no longer over produces hydrochloric acid. Zinc deficiency is associated with poor appetites. The algae contains all necessary elements. Nuk brushing may help with texture difficulties. My son only ate 2 foods now eats almost everything.
Moderator {public msg} Deb has a question
Deb {public msg} We gave my son a bottle of oral chelation and his practitioner thought he would need another. Does that sound right? is it safe?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} I don't know what oral chelation you are talking about.
Deb {public msg} Metal free
Joni JonesRN{public msg} is it the organic whole food?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} is it chemically formulated?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Just because you take a product does not mean you are absorbing it.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Autistic kids have difficulties with absorption and this needs to be addressed first.
Deb {public msg} Dietary supplement
Joni JonesRN{public msg} When you chelate you must move metals out of the body otherwise they relodge in other areas. Brushing, compressing, trampoline, room temperature bottled water and bowel movements 2-3 times a day is helpful in ridding toxins from the body.
Moderator {public msg}Mmw has a question
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Ok Mmw
Mmw {public msg} What enzymes or probiotics (type, not brand) do you recommend starting with?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Plant based enzymes and depending on the individual I will either use bifidus or spectrabiotic with acidophilus.
Mmw {public msg} Can I do this myself or do I need a DAN doctor or other practitioner?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Remember bifidus works only in the large intestines acidophilus in the small intestine.
pwalker714 {public msg} DAN- Defeat Autism Now
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Small intestines aid in absorption of nutrients large intestines removes toxins.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} This is not the DAN protocol, but interestingly the nurse who organizes the conferences has been on this program herself for 10 years. To get an individual program and educated on the digestive system and products you cannot do this alone. This is why I counsel and I do it without charge. The company offers a 90 day money back guarantee. For all those who fill out the data sheets and keep up communication do well. The hard part is the transition phase from detoxification to maintenance. Remember this is not a quick fix, supporting the body entirely takes about 6 months to a year. This includes cellular function and organ repair.
Moderator {public msg}Just a little has a question.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Ok just a little.
just-a-little-tired {public msg} How long did it take for you to see results with your son?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Remember also secretin has benefits in autism. Both my sons were 3 months. Secretin is secreted from our own villi in the intestinal wall. When we heal the gutt, get rid of inflammation, remove the sludge, we produce our own secretin.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} My article will give details on my sons recovery.
Moderator {public msg} Mommysboy has a question.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Ok Mommysboy
Mommysboy {public msg} My 12 yr old is non-verbal which makes it difficult for me because I cannot ask him how he feels. He was diagnosed with severe stomach ulcers. They found h pylori and he had to have triple-drug therapy. Is this common? Did this come from his diet. How did this happen and is there a way to maintain it without prescription drugs.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} 1: For nonverbal children we need to look at expressions behaviors sleep patterns etc.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} He needs to neutralize the acid in his. stomach
BMommysboy {public msg} how?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} I would recommend PH test strip testing for him. Also support his body with the meds initially. This will help their absorptionand removal of byproducts. With him, intestinal testing and clinical symptoms would help us in tytrating any meds or dosages in the future. The stomach lining can be healed.
Mommysboy {public msg} Thank, God
Joni JonesRN{public msg} But again the body needs to be fully supported.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} it is not a cut and paste situation. We are so conditioned to that. The meds do not address the reason why the ulcers came about in the first place.
Moderator {public msg} Mamaof2 has a question.
mamaof2 {public msg} I noticed earlier you had mentioned that Glycine helps to calm the nervous system. If our autistic children also have sensory integration dysfunction, which is believed to be due to a highly aroused nervous system, would Glycine help? What foods is Glycine found, and are there supplements for this?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Glycine is naturally found in the algae.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Also with sensory integration dysfunction email me privately I will help you.
mamaof2 {public msg} Thank you. will do.
Moderator {public msg} Walderus has a question
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Ok Walderus
wadesrus {public msg} We live in the middle of Iowa without the support of any DR. Informed about alternative protocols...where do we start? What do you recommend?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} I counsel on this program and refer if necessary, to people who assist in lab testing or further support if indicated. This company also ships internationally. I counsel anyway people like. Phone, or email or in office.
wadesrus {public msg} Our insurance doesn't cover anything out of state and we are flat broke...any other suggestions?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} This company does offer networking support so if you are happy with the program I counsel others for free that you recommend and sign them under you so you get money back. Many get their products for free. Email me and I will discuss some fund raising ideas with you.
wadesrus {public msg} Thank you so much! I really really appreciate it!
Joni JonesRN{public msg} its not my product or company so I cannot give the products away just education and my passion.
Moderator {public msg} <b> Winterwind has a question
Joni JonesRN{public msg} ok Winterwind
Winterwind {public msg} This is my first bit of info on this I have no clue what to do. What does a parent do to even begin?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Email me
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Each case is individualized.
Moderator {public msg} You may contact her at
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Every caregiver must become educated to make informed decisions.
Winterwind {public msg} Thank you
Joni JonesRN{public msg} I'm only here to help support you. I never tell people what to do I empower them to make logical decisions based on education. I am a parent.
Moderator {public msg} We have had a lot of people come in late, does anyone have a question.
heresmyspot {public msg} What was the site for ndf again can't read my writing
Joni JonesRN{public msg}
heresmyspot {public msg} Thanks!
Joni JonesRN{public msg} I will send the full chapter I wrote to all those interested.
bug {public msg} How can I get that?
headlock {public msg} Joni, Thanks so much for coming
Joni JonesRN{public msg} email
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Thanks so much for having me
Joni JonesRN{public msg} There is so much information
wadesrus {public msg} Thank you so much for giving up your time Joni! it has been a pleasure meeting you!
Mitchell {public msg} What do you know about chelating homeopathically?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} The chlorophyl in the algae is a great detoxifier and oxygenator. Also the body rids toxins from the body. Supporting the body will help detoxify on a daily basis. Toxic overload with other chelating agents is the choice of organic whole food such as the NDF formula or for those that choose chemical derived products. you still need to support your body so you don't get toxic again.
mmitchell {public msg} is it harmful to young children? Are there side effects?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} You need to address the reason why you are so toxic in the first place. Organic whole food is not harmful.
bug {public msg} What do you mean by "supporting the body? (I got in a little late)
nutrimedica {public msg} What about liver support during detoxification?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Detoxifying too quickly becomes the problem. The liver is effected when chemicals are used. That is why they monitor your liver. Chemicals are toxic to the body. When you support with enzymes and probyotics and get your intestinal tract functioning it takes stress off of the liver and kidneys.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} When you cannot break down products and the byproducts accumulate, our kids become more toxic liver is overloaded. Dark circles under the eyes are a sign of this. Dark circles also represent adrenal gland functioning which is shown to be highly effected in autism.
Momm001 {public msg} Have we addressed reflux?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} We can address reflux again.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} My son had severe reflux. Reflux can be very painful to our kids. Our entire body should not take a rapid detox.
Momm001 {public msg} My son has had it since birth and now when stresses it gets really bad. They want him on meds that they have to watch his heart for.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} This is why every child should be monitored individually. Some initially take the meds but it is only a quick fix to the symptom and does not address the underlying problem. It also depresses the enzyme production even further. Once body responds to support meds may be titrated and often eliminated. A liver function test only shows the state of what the liver is in at that time.
mmitchell {public msg} What should be the first tests done to determine what type of supplements and diet to start?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Signs of detoxification include head ache, mood swings, appetite changes, diarrhea, cramping, gas, vomiting, etc.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Money has to be considered. If you are going to support your body systematically, you can use the clinical sheets. You may have 21 issues in the beginning. You may have 2 in the end. Those 2 can be evaluated and testing more fine tuned to the issue. This saves thousands of dollars
Moderator {public msg} Momm has a question
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Ok Momm
Momm001 {public msg} What about constipation - if they are eating good why do we get and how do we fix?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Constipation is a symptom of poor intestinal functioning. This is why we support the intestinal tract in its entirety. Once the balance of good bacteria and the maintenance of free flowing digested food is established, constipation is no longer a problem. I myself had severe problems. I had actual emergency surgery on this program no more. Constipation needs to be addressed otherwise toxins back up in the small intestines and are reabsorbed.
Momm001 {public msg} The Dr. has us on mineral oil and Milk of Magnesia every day. Can we get off this somehow?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} You would be surprised what the body can do when you give it the support it needs. Our body is meant to regenerate. We see this when we cut ourselves and we heal.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Mineral oil and mild of magnesia is only addressing the symptom. Not the reason for constipation in the first place. With 7 pounds of intestinal bacteria, our body needs to make bacteria. Ecoli is a perfect example. We need ecoli , some autistic children lack it. If you took ecoli orally you could die. If ecoli gets in the bladder you become infected.
nutrimedica {public msg} What about flax seed, a great source of fiber and essential fatty acids.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Supporting the body allows it to make the enzymes and the probyotics that we need to function optimally.We are just so conditioned in this society for quick fixes.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Organic flax seed is great. The algae is your best natural source of essential fatty acids. Taken orally by vegetarian capsules or opening the capsules and mixing in food or drink. Speech therapists can introduce a capsule swallowing program. Weakened spinctors are further weakened by irritation from HCL. Remember this program is a basic support. Some do fine, others need additional support. This is not black and white. All autistic children need to be addressed as the individuals that they are. Some have more of one product while others have more of another. 3 months is usually all I need to show positive results.
For those on other programs you still should work off of data sheets. When the numbers are good, that should be your program. I am happy to send the data sheets to anyone who requests it, and I am here for those that are interested in learning more about this nutritional support.
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Are there any other questions?
Moderator {public msg} Thank you Joni, I am sure Ron will post that on the boards as well, and Thank you for spending the time with us, I hope we are able to do this again soon.
Momm001 {public msg} Could you give us contact information again?
Moderator {public msg}
mmitchell {public msg} I have never done this chat thing before, where can I get the notes and more information about this program?
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Email me and I will send you information.
Moderator {public msg} mmitchell you may contact her at the above email address. We also have the Autism boards here at ParenthoodPlace that will have the information on it also.
Winterwind {public msg} Yes thank you too Moderator for juggling our tells.
Moderator {public msg} We hope we will be able to set this up again, we had a wonderful response, thank you all for coming.
wadesrus {public msg} Thanks so much for your time and info Joni!
Joni JonesRN{public msg} Thank you
Joni JonesRN{leaves}


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